The Top 5 Most Dangerous UFC Fighters

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
The most dangerous fighters currently fighting in the UFC include those who stand the most chance of inflicting serious damage to the opponent, and those who enter the ring with one goal: to inflict maximum pain and carnage. These fighters may not always win, but they’re so intense or ruthless that the mere mention of their names instills paralyzing fear into their opponents’ hearts.
The Top 5 Most Dangerous UFC Fighters

2Wanderlei Silva

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
What most dangerous list is complete without an axe murderer? Wanderlei Silva (no relation to Anderson) is a killer in the ring, using kicks, stomps, punches and whatever else he can pull from his bag of tricks, to beat you down. This Brazil native isn’t gigantic, standing just 5 feet 11 inches tall, but he puts every bit of his 205-pound frame into his strikes and the damage he causes is impressive. He’s intense, relentless and has pretty much figured out how to hit an opponent with almost every part of his body. The man executes the atomic butt drop like nobody’s business.

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